Yiddish: Library of Congress to YIVO

Author: Isaac L. Bleaman

This program takes in Yiddish titles formatting according to the guidelines of the Library of Congress and outputs a version that is compliant with the YIVO style recommended by Bleaman (2019). It also removes a few other undesirable formatting issues (e.g., multiple spaces in a row).

Be sure to double-check the output (spelling, capitalization, etc.). For example, you will need to capitalize the names and titles of individuals. By default, this program will capitalize the first letter of the first word you type in.

For example:
Di Yidishe folḳsshafung : seperaṭer opdruḳ fun dem pedagogishn ḥoydesh-zshurnal Di naye shul
... becomes ...
Di yidishe folksshafung: seperater opdruk fun dem pedagogishn khoydesh-zhurnal di naye shul
(After conversion, the second "Di" needs to be capitalized by hand because it is an embedded title: Di naye shul.)